Meet the Team

Brittany Conrad, Wedding Photographer, Branding Photographer, Boudoir Photographer,  Event Photographer

Brittany Conrad

Owner & Lead Photographer

Introducing Brittany Conrad, a visionary in the realm of professional photography since 2019, crafting vibrant tapestries of timeless moments through her lens. With a plethora of wedding tales captured, Brittany leads the narrative as the owner and chief storyteller at Brittany Conrad Photography, where every snapshot spins a unique tale.

When she's not immersed in capturing moments, Brittany delights in witnessing her son, Garret, blossoming with each passing day, all while sharing a life brimming with love and laughter alongside her remarkable husband, Adam.

Her photographic passion spans diverse genres, encompassing the enchanting allure of Weddings & Events, the polished sophistication of Business Branding & Professional Headshots, the intimate charm of Boudoir sessions, and the heartwarming essence of Family Sessions. Each frame she composes is a canvas for boundless artistry.

Armed with a Business Administration degree from Central Penn College, Brittany's photographic journey traces its origins to York, PA, where her creative spark first ignited. Currently rooted in York Haven, PA, she endeavors to broaden her creative horizons across the expansive landscapes of PA, NJ, DE, DC, and MD, capturing moments that transcend time, all while nurturing dreams of embarking on new adventures and travels.

Brittany Conrad, Wedding Photographer, Branding Photographer, Boudoir Photographer,  Event Photographer

Stacey Stansbury

Associate Photographer

Meet Stacey a creative soul and a talented photographer from South Central Pennsylvania, she finds joy in exploring new locales and freezing special moments through her lens. Despite her sociology background and a rewarding healthcare career, photography has always been her true passion.

Uninterested in seeking fame, Stacey's focus lies in crafting art, preserving memories, and sharing her love for photography while sustaining a fulfilling livelihood. The presence of a creative ally by her side has added an enriching dimension to her journey in this occasionally solitary field.

Embracing her role as an associate photographer, Stacey cherishes the liberty to express her creativity, collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, and nurture a shared adoration for the craft. Collaborating with Brittany not only fuels her creativity but also unveils exciting opportunities and connections within the industry.

Together, they cultivate a network where ideas flow freely, advice is readily exchanged, and resources are shared - a vital support system in navigating the competitive photography landscape. With newfound time for experimentation, Stacey refines her skills, broadens her portfolio, and focuses on her artistic pursuits while entrusting Brittany with the operational aspects.

content creator for weddings and branding

Angie Wells

Content Creator for Weddings and Branding/Social Media Management

Angie Wells is a dynamic content creator specializing in crafting unforgettable moments and narratives. Her passion for visual storytelling is the driving force behind her work, igniting her creativity and propelling her to new heights.

Joining the esteemed team at Brittany Conrad Photography, Angie has found her creative sanctuary in an environment that fosters growth and innovation. Collaborating with like-minded individuals who share her dedication to excellence, she continuously pushes the boundaries of her artistry, delivering outstanding results for her clients.

With an unwavering commitment to surpassing expectations, Angie goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Her goal is to not only meet but exceed her clients' needs, creating visually stunning content that resonates deeply with audiences.

Approaching each project with boundless enthusiasm and determination, Angie embraces challenges as opportunities for growth. She is constantly refining her skills and honing her craft, always striving for perfection.

Embarking on her journey as a content creator two years ago, Angie has discovered her true calling. Each project she undertakes is a testament to her passion and dedication, reminding her that she has found her niche—a place where her creativity knows no bounds.

Now a valued member of the Brittany Conrad Photography team, Angie's presence enriches their creative endeavors, and they are thrilled to have her on board. Together, they look forward to achieving new heights and creating lasting memories for their clients.