to you both on this exciting journey! I am thrilled to express my genuine passion for capturing the beauty of weddings. It's a delightful experience for me to explore and highlight the distinctive aspects of each wedding – the unique personalities, breathtaking locations, heartfelt moments, intricate details, cherished traditions, and the genuine emotions. It's a joy to witness the rich diversity that comes together on a wedding day.

My photography philosophy revolves around celebrating couples for who they truly are. I don't just focus on your physical appearance; I strive to convey your essence, emotions, and the profound significance of the places that hold a special place in your hearts. I invest time in building a connection with my couples to ensure they feel at ease, enabling me to authentically capture their unique personalities and love story through the lens.

See Your Wedding Photography Through My Perspective

We are awkward. Will you be able to get good photos of us?

Would you believe it's perfectly normal for many of my couples to have concerns about this? Don't fret, I don't expect you to be professional models. To start, I'll take the time to get to know you, helping us select a location and a look that makes you feel at ease. We'll also ensure there's plenty of time, so nobody feels rushed.

Once we begin the photography session, it's a relaxed process. I'll seek out the most enchanting lighting and scenery while providing simple directions. I'll ask you to engage with each other in ways that allow me to capture candid moments in a flattering manner. There may even be moments when you forget I'm present.

When you see your final photos, you might just find yourselves saying something like, 'Wow, this is us – in love, happy, and surprisingly fun!' That's been the typical outcome in my experience.

Will you be the one photographing us or will it be someone else from your company?

If your date aligns with my availability, I will personally be the one behind the camera on your wedding day. However, if I'm already committed for your selected date, there's no need to worry. I have a team of highly skilled associate photographers who are more than capable of capturing the splendor of your special day.

Even if one of my talented associates is the one pressing the shutter button on your wedding day, I will still guide you through the majority of the process, including planning, curating, and editing. When you choose to work with me, you can rest assured that you'll receive the same level of quality craftsmanship and personal attention that I am known for.

What types of photos will you capture on our wedding day?

I possess the flexibility to capture a wide range of subjects and can truly tailor my coverage to align with your individual requirements. My usual focus includes the documentation of genuine moments as they naturally unfold, the creation of artistic portraits, and a diverse collection of images that narrate your wedding story.

From capturing the distinct architecture of your venue to the finest details, from the candid moments during preparations and the first look (if you desire), to the more formal family portraits, and all the lively moments on the dance floor, I am prepared to photograph every aspect of your special day. Additionally, I'm open to capturing unique ethnic traditions, beloved pets, cherished family heirlooms, and I genuinely appreciate the beauty of diversity. In essence, I am ready and willing to accommodate your unique preferences and desires.

We have no idea how much time to set aside for photography during different parts of the day. Can you help?

No need to fret! I've had the privilege of photographing a lot of weddings, each with its own unique approach to personalizing coverage. When I meet with each couple, I take the time to understand their specific photo priorities. Together, we create a straightforward wedding day schedule that ensures these objectives are met in a practical and stress-free manner.

By the end of our meeting, couples have a clear understanding of when to have hair and makeup completed, whether a first look aligns with their vision, and the reassurance that there's ample time to capture all the desired photos. What's more, we typically have this conversation over a casual meal or drinks, making it an enjoyable and relaxed experience (if you'd like or we can do virtual).

Is this your real job?

Absolutely! I've had the privilege of being a professional photographer since 2019.  Even now, I find it hard to believe that I get to engage in such an enjoyable profession every single day. Many wedding photographers pursue this passion alongside their full-time careers. When you choose me, you can rest assured that photography is not just a side gig but my full-time occupation. Your wedding will receive my undivided focus and commitment.

Where will you travel?

For the most part anywhere, although you will see that most of my work does take place in Pennsylvania.

Wedding Packages

Sweet & Simple

Up to 6 Hours of Coverage 

1 Photographer 

Professional Photo Editing 

30 Minute Engagement Session



*Tax and Travel over 2 hrs Not Included*

All Packages Include: 

Contract , Online Gallery , Print Release and Time Line & Photo List Review Meeting 

2nd Photographer Available upon request, $85 an hr and must be booked for your total package hours.

Enchanted Moments

8 Hours of Coverage 

1 Photographer 

Professional Photo Editing 

 1 hr Engagement Session (complimentary)

Basic USB Flash Drive

Full Gallery Download


*Tax and Travel over 2 hrs Not Included*


Precious Memories

10 Hours of Coverage 

1 Photographer

Professional Photo Editing  

 1.5 hr Engagement Session


Full Gallery Download

Basic USB Flash Drive


*Tax and Travel over 2 hrs Not Included*

Booking for 2024 and 2025

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Wedding Packages

Print Credit

You can purchase print credit with your package to ensure you have funds set aside to print those beautiful wedding photos or to create an album with in my print store which can be done easily from the print store.

$20 - $1000

Engagement Sessions

They are complimentary however if you have already had your engagement photos done, we can substitute it for a one year anniversary session!

All engagement sessions come with 30 digital high resolution images, and an online gallery, professional photo editing.

Did you know you can add time to your engagement session for just $99 (half hr)

Bridal Session

 Your bridal wedding session is an exclusive opportunity for you and your partner to capture additional moments in your wedding attire either before or after the big day. This special addition to your wedding package includes a personalized photo session where you can have fun, be creative, and express your unique style. The session will encompass a set number of hours for photography, additional photo editing, and a selection of high-quality digital images. It's a wonderful way to extend the joy of your wedding experience and create lasting memories in your beautiful attire.

1 hr session

online gallery

print release

basic usb flash drive

travel, location fees and tax not included in price


You can add additional time for $99 (half hr)

Elopements, please reach out for a quote.

When should we reach out to you?

Right now, if you're eager to collaborate, the most effective approach is to initiate contact and express something along the lines of, "I'm envisioning my wedding in (mention your preferred date) of (mention your desired year)," and inquire about my available dates. This level of flexibility significantly enhances our chances of partnering on your special day – a reason to celebrate!

How do we book you?

Simple! Reach out to me, and we'll schedule a meeting to acquaint ourselves and confirm our compatibility. Formalizing our agreement is also straightforward – all the necessary procedures can be completed online, and it typically only takes around ten minutes!